About Us

Hello! We are two 30-something sisters living on opposite coasts, with four children collectively. Our lifestyles and home situations are very different, and we feel this helps us capture different parent realities. We test out everything on our site in order to home in on what’s practical and what can work across-the-board for different types of family lives. And our ever-resourceful mom chimes in every step along the way.


  • Nickname: Marce, mommy, mom, mama, MAAAA
  • Passions: Crafting, tennis, strolling with the kiddos, educational technology, sleeping
  • Credentials: Ed. M., Harvard Graduate School of Education; BS., University of Pennsylvania; mom, wife, sister and daughter

Hi, I’m Marcie and I don’t love cooking. It’s true–there are so many other things I’d rather be doing than making dinner at the end of a long day. But the reality is, my family needs to eat, so the meal-prep must happen.

When I first married my husband, I was spoiled by his delicious cooking. He had dinner on the table every night and made the process look seamless! Once we had kids and he started medical school, the cooking became my responsibility and I had to learn quickly. Not so easy with a toddler running around and another one on the way! Thank goodness for my mom, who spent countless phone calls walking me through the basics. Thanks to her, I’ve learned to cook and have been inspired to share some quick, family-friendly recipes on this site.

Learning to cook was one challenge, but my latest dilemma has been getting the job done with my two little ones in tow. With a background in educational technology, I feel strongly that children’s educational media can be used as a learning tool (and sometimes a helpful distraction) when the time is right. For my family, meal-prep is the perfect time to let my kids watch a high-quality program. On this site, I’ve shared some of our favorite shows and why I think these programs support learning.


Hey there! My name is Julie and I’m the older, wiser sister 🙂 Ha! Actually, you could say I’m the more wayward, unconventional sister…if you were want to categorize. I have 2 toddlers, am recently divorced and live in Portland, OR. Life brought me west on a whim with my best friend 12 years ago and I loved Portland so much that I never left. I’m an urbanite feminist, mom (to both humans & canines), and alcohol enthusiast who loves to travel, eat and paparazzi my kids. In the food realm, I frequent local famers’ markets, volunteer regularly at the Oregon Food Bank and try to keep up with the ever-expanding gamut of Portland restaurants.

I try to bring my west-coastiness to this site whenever possible. There are tons of recipes for quick meals that use lots of canned, over-processed, preservative-heavy ingredients. While it’s not possible every time, we try to have lots of whole foods in our recipes. This way, when your kids help you cook, they can really see what’s going into their bodies. Plus, I don’t eat frozen chicken fingers and boxed mac and cheese on the regular, so why should my kids? Please take note: I’m not a snob about it. Ambiguously flavored junk food makes my world go round.

A little history. So, my sister and I grew up in a family that loves food. Our mom is an incredible cook and baker (especially pie-maker), and our Dad’s favorite past-time is going out to eat. BUT, when you become a parent, you learn quickly that you can’t just go out to eat all the time. This was a sad, sad lesson. Not only is it crazy expensive to dine out all the time; but restaurants are definitely not conducive to young, inherently destructive kids. Henceforth, the need to cook every night! My problem was…when it came to regularly cooking dinner, I started off finding the most complicated, obscure-ingredient-laden recipes. I loved the challenge. But they always ended up taking me hours upon hours to make. By the time we sat down to eat, it was freakin’ delicious, but the kids had already snacked to the point of being full and it was practically bedtime. I feel like I never learned the art of the quick, healthy meal. So, this site is a tool I really could have benefited from…and still can, of course 🙂 I hope you do too!


Hi. I’m a baby boomer, Mimi to my grandkids. In my early 20s I taught myself how to cook, and I even got into Le Cordon Bleu, but didn’t end up going. I have always regretted that.

Thus began a lifetime of learning and creating new recipes. I especially love to bake, pies being my specialty. I have this crazy idea that you can show the depth of your love for special people in your life with cooking. I adore seeing the happiness it brings.

I will try to share the tips I’ve learned over many years, hopefully helping you along the way! Growing up out west, my friends called me Mel. I never really liked that nickname, but it kinda stuck. My mom was a great cook, but as I was growing up, I never learned cooking skills from her. It wasn’t until I was married at 19 that I began my cooking journey. I would fall asleep reading Julia Child cookbooks. I learned quickly and even collected cookbooks.

Now I cook to relax and find much fulfillment in doing so. I enjoy baking with my grandkids and love fostering my love of cooking in them.

We hope you enjoy Our site!