3 Easy, NO COOK Recipes for Kids

So, right now we have no kitchen. Our kitchen is undergoing major surgery and we’re wading through January and February with no sink, range or countertops. 😞

On top of that, in order to get into our kitchen, we have to unzip multiple plastic drapes and carefully dart chop saws, paint buckets and precariously placed sharp tools. As you can imagine, this is the dream for a household with three kids. Lol. Actually, the kids have been very cautious, almost avoiding the kitchen construction site altogether. The biggest obstacle by far (beyond safety and a major shift in routine) is how to cook dinner.

Child making no cook recipes

{pictured above: my daughter attempting to help with dinner, despite no sink or countertops, lol}

Many nights we either eat out or order in, but this gets old…and pricey. Lately I’ve been trying to concoct some no-cook dinner options so we can feel like normal people some nights. Haha. This is how I arrived at these three ‘no cook’ recipes: easy meals that require no cooking, and that kids can make almost completely on their own. Click on the photos below to see our favorite options right now.




Each recipe takes 28 minutes or less! And no traditional cooking is required, like from an oven, stovetop or grill. We used a microwave in two of the recipes.


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