child holding a three bean salad with avocado, on her lap

4th of July Summer Salads

If you feel unprepared for this holiday weekend and need a last minute, easy food suggestion, check out some of our yummy, summer salads. They hardly take any time to make, and are very low stress. I know this year it’s harder to celebrate and life is stressful and unusual right now. But maybe throw together a salad, grab some popsicles, and have a *socially distanced* picnic with your fam in the backyard. Enjoy each other! ❤️🤍💙



If I’d have to choose a favorite of these salads, it would probably be the Avocado Ranch Chopped Salad. We spent a while developing the ranch sauce, and I gotta say, it’s delicious. Other bonuses: the salad is super healthy, there’s only one ingredient to cook (quinoa), and you can also use the avocado ranch as a dip if you want.

My sister’s fave is the Watermelon Salad with Feta & Cucumber. The juicy and sweet flavor of the watermelon is totally inviting on a hot day and a great motivator for her kids to try the other delicious veggies in the salad!


We also recommend some other picnic-esque meals and sides. They’re all, of course, able to be made in 28 minutes. And they’d pair really well with the summer salads.


For kids, the No-Cook Kabobs are especially easy and fun. I highly recommend! Honestly, it was maybe the most fun my kids have ever had while helping me “cook.” You just give them a bunch of fruit, a bunch of caprese ingredients and skewers, and they can do all the rest. Because I let the kids put ingredients on their skewers however they wanted, they got pretty creative. In the end, making the kabobs was like meal prep and craft time all in one.

Whatever you decide to cook and do on this holiday, stay healthy & safe! 

❤️ Julie & Marcie ❤️


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