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5 Hurricane Survival Snacks for Kids

Natural disasters are no joke! I’m writing this post from my basement, as my family and I wait out Hurricane Dorian. We live in Wilmington, North Carolina, which is on the coast. Fortunately the state officials haven’t called for an evacuation, but with tornadoes constantly passing through, we are definitely housebound…and basement-bound.
When a hurricane makes its way to us, there are so many unknowns. How hard will we get hit? How long will we be stuck inside? Will we lose power? Will we have enough food and water?

When waiting it out at home is a safe option, we need to be prepared

In addition to making sure we have all the customary essentials (water, flash lights, batteries, canned goods, etc), those of us with kiddos want to make sure we have plenty of SNACKS. Hurricane snacks for my bored, agitated and hungry kids who might feel cooped up and crazy in the house with no internet or TV.  

Of course, these can’t be just any kind of snacks. They have to meet a very specific criteria: 
  1. NO REFRIGERATION REQUIRED. In the event we lose power, our snacks have to be pantry-stable.
  2. HEALTHY. We don’t want our kids survive on junk food alone! 
  3. COMMON INGREDIENTS. If you can’t get to the store, you need snacks can you make with what you have on hand.
  4. FUN. For kids who are bored to kids who are really scared, it’s helpful to have imaginative snacks that lighten the mood a bit.
So, here are some kid-friendly snacks for surviving a hurricane (or any other natural disaster that might confine you to your home!). And – real time – I’ve been making these hurricane snacks the last couple days for my own, housebound kids!

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1. Apple, Raisin and Peanut Butter Smiles

apple peanut butter smiles

This tasty and silly snack is sure to make your kids laugh! Make it even sillier by replacing one yogurt covered raisin with a plain brown one. 

Instructions: Simply spread a little peanut butter on the inside to two slices of apples, stick on some yogurt covered raisins (i.e., teeth!), press the slices together, and voila, you have a silly edible smile!

2. Homemade Trail Mix

Homemade Trail Mix

If you are able to get to the store, you can let your kids pick out the ingredients and make a Homemade Trail Mix. If not, you can probably hodgepodge something together from random ingredients in the pantry!

Instructions: Simply mix all your ingredients together in a large bowl and enjoy! Our original post for this snack can be found here

3. Peanut Butter, Banana & Honey Finger Sandwiches 

peanut butter banana finger sandwhich

If you love having tea parties (like we do), this is a fun snack. Your kids can even do all the prep themselves and feel like they are the ones hosting the tea party. 

Instructions: Spread some peanut butter on bread (optional: remove the crusts). Add slices of banana, a few drizzles of honey, and sprinkle with granola. Slice and serve!

4. Tomato-Peach Salsa & Tortilla Chips

We made this delicious salsa for our Baked Cod with Peach and Tomato Salsa dish and ended up dipping chips into the leftover salsa. It’s incredible easy to make and requires ingredients that don’t need to be refrigerated. We realize peaches aren’t something super common to have around the house. So, you can swap the peaches for grapes, apples, or any other sweet fruit.

Instructions: Combine 1/4 t salt with 2 chopped peaches (ripe and pitted), 2 chopped medium tomatoes and one chopped onion. Mix in 3 T of lime juice and some cilantro and you have your salsa!  We love dipping Food Should Taste Good Multigrain Tortilla Chips into this salsa!

5. Whole Grain Bread with Butter, Sugar & Cinnamon

bread butter sugar snack

This snack is so simple that kids can put it together on their own.  Our mom used to make this for us when we were kids and I’m happy to continue the tradition!

Instructions:  Spread butter onto some whole grain bread. Sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon! Note: While we usually keep our butter in the fridge, we know if we lose power because of a storm our butter will be okay at room temperature for a day or so. 


Stay safe this hurricane season!

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