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6 Easy Crafts for When You’re Stuck at Home


For real guys, these are very unsettling times. COVID-19 is definitely steering life right now. A couple days ago my city (Portland, OR) announced that my kids’ schools would close for the rest of the month. The administrators are calling it an “extension of Spring Break.” But whatever they want to call it and however temporary people want to believe this is, the reality is that we don’t know when all of this chaos is going to end. My inbox is flooded with news of movie theaters, museums, and stores closing. And my phone is beeping constantly with news updates of city shutdowns and social distancing pleas. I know all of you can relate. 

We know that many of you, like us, are going to be at home with our kids for a while. Our kids normally have socializing opportunities at school, but even playdates aren’t really a safe option right now. And our kids normally operate under a lesson plan for academics, art, etc.  But, well, we definitely aren’t all natural teachers; so, we should be sharing all the ideas we have!  

Craft with What You Have!

With all of this going on, we wanted to shoot something out to you that was genuinely helpful. Here are six super easy, kid crafts that use recyclables or things you likely have laying around the house. We know that making a run to a craft store right now is hardly on anyone’s to-do list. So, we hope these ideas can be useful to you. Many of these crafts reinforce important skill sets, like fine motor, shape composition, writing and of course, following instructions. 

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Friends: Take care, stay healthy and we hope these crafts alleviate some boredom 😚We’re all in this together!

❤️Julie & Marcie ❤️

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