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Have a Smooth Move Thanks To This Neighborly Tiger

The Fred Rogers Company has done it again and helped our family cope with one of life’s tough transitions–moving!

For over a year, we knew that our family would be moving. My husband had been recruited by a practice that would take us to a new city. It’s hard for young kids to imagine what moving might be like, so that’s why I was thrilled when the creators of  Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood released a short movie on this very topic! 

Here is the scoop on this “mini movie” and why it’s one of our top picks.

The Movie:

The Daniel Tiger Movie: Won’t You Be Our Neighbor? For preschool-aged children

Where We Watch:

TV (local PBS channel), online or download the free PBS KIDS Video App

The Gist:

In this 47-minute “mini movie”, Daniel welcomes a new neighbor, Jodi, to his neighborhood. Jodi has just moved next-door and is feeling sad and nervous to be in a new place.  Daniel offers his friendship to Jodi, sympathizing with her feelings and going out of his way to make her feel welcomed in her new community.

Why My Kids Like It: 

Both of my kids adore Daniel Tiger and the show’s catchy songs and relevant storylines.  This movie in particular hit very close to home as we prepared for our own big move. In fact, my daughter watched this movie the day the movers loaded boxes into a truck that would be headed for our new home. While watching, we discussed how like Jodi, we too were feeling nervous about moving to a new place. Though my daughter remained fairly quiet and focused while watching, I believe this movie helped her feel validated in her anxious feelings.

Why I Like It:

I have a separate post where I discuss why I absolutely adore the Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood series. I can’t emphasize enough how much my kids relate to the program’s themes and the real-life challenges faced by its characters.

In this movie, the character, Jodi, is experiencing a mix of emotions–she is excited to meet friends and learn about her new community, but she is also feeling homesick. Just as the series so tastefully and intentionally does, this movie models how to acknowledge a friend’s feelings, while also offering support and encouragement. Daniel doesn’t hesitate to sympathize with his new friend’s homesickness, but he also is quick to help her settle into her new environment, all while expressing his own excitement to have Jodi as a new friend.

It’s so sweet to see how the late Fred Rogers continues to help kids navigate complicated emotions and life situations. Moving to a new community can be scary and overwhelming for little ones (and us grown-ups too!). I’m thankful for programs like this that help make these transitions just a little less daunting for us all.


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