Healthy Eating from One Generation to the Next

This past week, I took my daughter on a special trip to visit my 92-year old grandfather. There is nothing sweeter than seeing a 4-year old loving and adoring her great grandfather! It was such a special time.

During our visit my daughter helped prepare a heart-healthy breakfast for her grandfather. At 92, he is in incredibly great shape, and he and his wife have a lot to teach my daughter (and myself!) about eating healthy and staying strong. On the menu for breakfast: A veggie-filled egg-white and low-fat cheese omelette served with sliced tomatoes, avocado and multigrain toast. Yum!

My daughter doesn’t usually love avocado, but after seeing her grandfather’s plate, she ended up devouring some herself! I was thrilled. After all, avocados are super nutritious.  Nothing makes me happier than seeing my kids build healthy eating habits, and what a privilege to have an amazing role model to learn from!

Next time your kids are hanging with their grandparents or older mentors, encourage them to cook together (or for each other)! Why not use meal-prep as a way to pass down healthy eating habits from one generation to the next?

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