Kids Cooking into 2019!

Something really cool happened in 2018: Our kids got into cooking!

Even though we just released Platein28 into the wilds of cyber-land a couple weeks ago, we’ve been working on this site for over a year. A lot happened throughout the year. Like….we acquired new cooking skills, developed some CSS coding and SEO tricks, learned about food photography, got an education in social media outlets, etc. 🙂 All the necessary (and unexpected) facets of knowledge required to put a blog together.

However, the coolest bi-product of our website endeavor has been our kids’ increased interest in cooking. I mean, it’s not totally surprising…our kids were total guinea pigs this year as we concocted all of our recipes. From testing recipes to trying out new kitchen tools…our kids really did it all. And they were so into it!

I guess we’re telling you this because it feels good to provide a resource that actually works. It feels like we have attained the cheesy ‘kid-approved’ stamp! Our kids totally informed our Lil’ Sous Chef tips and taught us what works and doesn’t work. Having your little ones help out in the kitchen does create more mess, requires more patience and sometimes makes everything take a little more time. BUT seeing your kids enthusiastic about dinner prep and proud of the final product is so rad. It makes meal-prep less stressful and you feel like you’re actually teaching your kid some life skills. On top of cooking skills, they learn what ingredients are and how they combine. On the flip side, we learn the life skills of not cringing at every spill and ignoring how much the dog is being overfed with floor scraps. Hence, patience! We’ll take a victory, however small, when we can!

So, our plan for 2019 is to keep our little dudes cooking as much as possible, at least as long as they are in the mood! Cheers to more patience, messes, and good eating in 2019!

–Julie & Marcie

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