Marshmallow Snowman Craft

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This week our precious little girl turned five! My husband and I feel such a mix of emotions at the thought of our daughter reaching this special milestone. In the fall she will be in Kindergarten, which just feels terribly grown-up. We are trying desperately to enjoy this last year of half-day preschool and time at home with our sweet girl.  

When Hadley asked for a Frozen-themed birthday party, I was thrilled and decided to go in full-force. After all, this princess, fairytale phase is very short-lived and I want her to have magical memories of this sweet time in her life. 

child dressed as princess

Snowman Craft!

While I had intended to create some homemade decorations for the party, this quickly became impossible with our busy schedule. So, my husband and I decided to focus our efforts on providing some creative, Frozen-themed snacks. The highlight of our efforts were these adorable Marshmallow Snowmen!

marshmellow snowmen

This is a great wintertime craft, and the best part is that it’s 100% edible! The snowman craft would be a fun activity for holiday parties or playdates, and it makes great party favors. Check it out!


supplies marshmallow snowmen

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Watch How to Do this Snowman Craft!


Consider setting up the craft before cooking so kids can get to work right away.

  1. Pierce a pretzel stick  through three marshmallows to form a snowman.snowmans body
  2. Push an orange Mike and Ike into the center of the top marshmallow to form your snowman’s nose. Note: twisting the candy into the marshmallow helps secure it in place. snowman nose
  3. Break a pretzel stick in half. Pierce and secure each half of the pretzel stick into the right and left side of the center marshmallow to form the snowman’s arms.snowman arms
  4. Use the Decorating Icing to secure two Candy Eyeballs to the snowman’s face and two chocolate chips to his belly (to form his buttons!). Now display and/or eat your adorable snowman!

child holding marshmallow snowman

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