Snacky Plates: July 2018

For anyone who cares, I’ve decided to chronicle my Snacky Plates. [See my Art of the Snacky Plate blog entry for an explanation of this phenomenon]. I’m doing this because (a) The Snacky Plate is one of the few certifiably successful parenting things I do. My kids love Snacky Plates and actually eat them up every time. Oddly, they eat healthiest this way. (b) I want to give back to the super helpful online community. I always need ideas from other people when I’m cooking. And I am forever indebted to all the blogesses and foodies on the inter-webs for their creativity and lessons. Even though this isn’t cooking, I want to share something that works. Hopefully it’ll give someone a new idea when it seems like you always feed your kids the same old thing.

Snacky Plate 7/2/18:

🍎Apple slices

🍎Cream cheese, for dipping

🍎Lara bar, cut up

🍎Dried green beans

🍎Wheat crackers

🍎Leftover Aidells sausage – Portobello and Swiss Cheese

🍎Red bell pepper, sliced

Snacky Plate 7/9/18:


🍎Dried prunes

🍎Baby carrots

🍎Sugar snap peas

🍎Leftover spaghetti noodles, cut up with parmesan sprinkled on top

Snacky Plate 7/21/18:

Truth be told…this snacky plate pretty much became a meal. I went a little overboard 🙂

🍎Mixed dried fruit

🍎Leftover corn off the cob

🍎Leftover panfried potatoes {from our Catchall Potato Skillet Recipe!}

🍎Honey roasted peanuts

🍎Salted cashews

🍎Ummmmm…..leftover pizza

🍾 Cheers, Julie 🍾

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