Baking utensils on kitchen floor

Why not bake on the kitchen floor?

My kids love to bake. Muffins, cookies, cakes, rice crispy treats. You name it…they love making it! Baking is our absolute favorite, rainy-day activity. Unfortunately, our kitchen has rather high countertops and my kids have to use step-stools to reach. While the step-stools work, I’ve noticed that when we bake, about a third of our ingredients (and sometimes our bowls and measuring cups!) wind up on the floor. Measuring and pouring flour can be a messy endeavor for little hands!

kids baking muffins on kitchen floor

So, the other day, when we geared up to make some muffins, I decided to move the whole project to the floor. This way, we could ditch the step-stools and bring the mess to my kids’ level. As it turned out, this was way way easier. My kids could sit comfortably and take turns with tasks. And I didn’t stress as much about the mess, since I knew all spills were contained to one area.

Now, I realize that the idea of cooking on the floor may sound unsanitary. So, you’ll want to make sure the floor is clean. Give the floor a scrub/sweep or whatever it needs before baking. Or if your floors are pretty grimy, consider putting a clean towel on the floor where you plan to work.

And of course, make sure your pets leave the kitchen when you start the baking process. Furry creatures may get a little too excited when they see a bunch of fun, edible things laid out in their territory 🙂

Happy baking!


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