DIY Tin Can Leprechaun Hat with gold coins

DIY Tin Can Leprechaun Hats

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St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner, so we decided to get in the spirit of the holiday with these adorable DIY Tin Can Leprechaun Hats!

Tin cans make the best crafts!

We love turning our recyclables into awesome crafts!  While making our Yummy White Bean & Vegetable Soup (recipe coming soon!), we decided to turn our empty bean cans into festive tin can Leprechaun hats.girl holding leprechaun hat

While we used tin cans to make this craft, we’ve seen this craft done lots of others ways, using toilet paper rolls (check our these adorable Toilet Paper Roll Leprechaun Hat Crafts) and even popsicle sticks (see How to Make a Leprechaun Hat Craft). The possibilities are endless!

Simple Supplies & Very Few steps

This craft is incredibly simple and only requires a handful of supplies: construction paper, scissors, glue, and of course, an empty tin can. While we decided to use our handy hot glue gone, Elmers Glue should also do the trick.

supplies DIY Tin Can Leprechaun Hat

Fill your leprechaun hat with treasures!

Of course, it made perfect sense that these DIY Tin Can Leprechaun Hats should be used to hold some lucky golden chocolate coins. The kids had no objections to this! However, you can use your hats to hold anything you’d like. In the past we have turned our tin cans into decorated Pencil Holders.


Since our festive Leprechaun Hats used to hold white navy beans, you may consider sharing some of these fun facts about white beans with your kids while they craft:


canned white beans


    • Navy beans are small oval beans with white skin. 
    • Since navy beans cook quickly, they are popularly used in soups, purees and stews.
    • These white beans were given the name “Navy Beans” after becoming a staple in the U.S. Naval diet at the beginning of the 20th century.
    • Navy beans are a good source of fiber and are high in protein.

DIY Tin Can Leprechaun Hat

Corresponding Recipe: Yummy White Bean & Vegetable Soup 

Skills supported: Fine motor (cutting, wrapping, gluing, coloring), following instructions


supplies DIY Tin Can Leprechaun Hat

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See how to make a tin can LEPRECHAUN hat


Consider setting up the craft before cooking so kids can craft right away.

  1. Cut out a large strip of green paper that is as wide as your can when it’s laying down. Glue the green strip around the can. NOTE: *To protect little hands, cover can’s sharp, inner rim with tape. Alternatively,  if there is access paper at the top of the can, simply fold and glue it into the inner rim of the can.
  2. Cut out a long, thin strip of black construction paper to form the hat’s black band. Glue the black strip around the can.
  3. Cut out a small rectangle of yellow/gold paper. Fold the paper in half, and then cut out the center to form the hat’s buckle. Glue the buckle to the center of the black band.
  4. Cut out a circle of green construction paper to form the base of you that. NOTE: Consider tracing a round object like a bowl to achieve a perfect round shape. Glue the tin can hat to the base.

Now Decorate your hat! We drew a Shamrock on our hat, but kids can get as creative as they’d like. St. Patrick’s Day stickers might come in handy for this part!

DIY Tin Can Leprechaun Hat1

*For toddlers especially, these tasks may require adult supervision and/or assistance.

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