child holding egg carton treasure box

Egg Carton Treasure Box

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My kids are really into finding “treasures.” A penny on the floor, a really cool rock, a four-leaf-clover…they get so much joy out of believing they have found something truly special.

We have been working with eggs a lot this week (Easter is this weekend!); so we’ve had some empty egg cartons laying around. After doing some research online, I was inspired by Abigail Matsumoto‘s lovely article, 20 Totally Unique Ways to Use Extra Egg Cartons from Red Tricycle. We decided to turn one of our egg cartons into a little treasure box! 

This turned out to be a very simple craft that my daughter could do completely on her own (no cutting or complicated steps). Even better, she’s still using her box and feels really proud about the way it turned out. What an awesome way to recycle our recyclables! 🙂

We have paired this craft with our Mini Crustless Ham & Broccoli Quiches Recipe and hope you do too! Making this egg carton treasure box also provides a great opportunity to share some fun facts about this meal’s featured ingredient: EGGS.



    • Eggs are high in protein. Protein helps build, maintain and replace the tissues in our bodies.
    • Eggs are laid by female chickens, which are called hens.
    • The yolk of an egg contains most of the egg’s nutrients.
    • Eggs can be many colors, especially white, brown, and green.



child holding egg carton treasure box

Featured IngredientEggs

Corresponding Recipe: Mini Crustless Ham & Broccoli Quiches

Skills supportedFine motor (painting, gluing, sticking), following instructions


 Treasure Box egg carton supplies

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Consider setting up the craft before you start cooking so your kids can get to work right away.

    1. Pour 3-4 colors of paint into paint containers. 
    2. Paint your treasure box (i.e., egg carton) with the foam brushes. We recommend painting the inside first.
    3. Let the paint dry and then decorate your box! We opted for spring-themed stickers, but you can also use stamps, jewels, beads…anything you can successfully stick to your box. 
    4. Once it’s dry…store your treasures! My daughter decided to use her box for her favorite jewelry and charms! 

child placing treasures in egg carton

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