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Pepperoni Paper Pizza

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My kids absolutely loved making pepperoni paper pizzas! The other night the kids and I decided to make pizza for dinner. We love having pizza on Friday evenings, and with my husband working late, I thought it would be a fun activity for the kids. While I usually have my kids craft while I make dinner, they wanted to help make the actual pizza, so we made our pepperoni paper pizza before starting to cook. child holding pizza craft

Our pepperoni paper pizzas provided a great opportunity for my kids to practice using scissors, since there was quite a bit of cutting. My daughter still needs help with this, so I was happy to step in as needed.

For the paper pizza’s cheese, we decided to take some shredded paper from our paper shredder, but you can also cut white or yellow paper into small shreds for the “cheese.”

This provides a great opportunity to share some fun facts about this meal’s theme:


cooked pizza on pan



The cool thing about this craft is that kids can get as creative as they’d like when it comes to decorating their pizza. They can create paper toppings of their choice and have fun with the colors!


Paper Pizza craft

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Skills supportedFine motor (tracing, cutting, coloring, gluing), following instructions


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Consider setting up the craft before you start cooking so your kids can get to work right away.

    1. Trace the underside of a paper plate onto a piece of red paper. Cut out the circle and glue to the front, inner circle of the plate. This is the pizza’s red sauce. Color the white edge of the paper plate brown. This will be the pizza’s crust.
    2. Decide on your pizza toppings and grab some colored paper to match!
    3. Cut the colored paper into the shape of the toppings (i.e. shredded cheese, pepperoni, black olives). We used paper from our shredder for the cheese. Glue your toppings onto the pizza. And you’ve got your pizza pie!gluing toppings to pizza

Note: *For toddlers especially, these tasks may require adult supervision and/or assistance.

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