Rainbow Spaghetti Letters Craft

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Because we were making Simple Spaghetti with Turkey Marinara & Hidden Veggies for dinner, we wanted a craft that used noodles. Our family dog, Joey, just passed away last week 😓 and my kids decided they wanted to make a little picture of his name. Joey was 14 years old and we got him when he was only 12 weeks old….so his passing was pretty tough on all of us. I thought it was so sweet that the kids wanted to honor him with this craft.

This craft is some messy fun! We did ours outside so we wouldn’t have to worry about the mess. It always amazes me how far a tiny drop of food coloring can go!

Worth noting: this craft is very similar to our Rainbow Rice Letters Craft, except we used colored spaghetti instead of rice. So, there are a lot of different ingredients you can use for the craft.

To make your rainbow spaghetti letters, you’ll need some broken up, uncooked spaghetti noodles, Ziploc bags and food coloring. First, we placed our bits of noodles into a separate bags and added 1-2 drops of different food coloring to each. Then, we gave our baggies a shake and the noodles turned a nice bright shade of color! We wrote the name of our late beloved pet, Joey, on paper using Elmer’s Glue.  And then, we sprinkled our colorful noodles on top of the letters and behold! Vibrant, rainbow spaghetti letters!

While crafting, you and your kids might want to take a moment to learn some fun facts about this meal’s featured ingredient:


Cooked noodles


    • Spaghetti is a long, thin noodle made from wheat flour and water. 
    • Fresh spaghetti is made with a rolling pin and a knife, or using modern pasta machines. 
    • The word spaghetti comes from the Italian word ‘spaghetto,’ which translates to ‘thin string’ or ‘twine.’
    • Spaghetti is rich in carbohydrates, which give our body energy.


fireworks spaghetti letters craftIngredient

Corresponding Recipe: Simple Spaghetti with Turkey Marinara & Hidden Veggies

Skills supportedFine motor (tracing, gluing), writing, following instructions


spaghetti craft supples

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Consider setting up the craft before cooking so that your kids can get to work right away.

  1. Evenly distribute noodles into 3-4 small plastic Ziploc bags. Crunch up noodles to small bits.
  2. Pour 1-2 drops of food coloring into each bag. Use a different color for each bag of noodle bits. Close bag tightly and shake vigorously until color is evenly distributed. Once mixed, open bags to allow noodles to air out/dry for a few minutes.
  3. Meanwhile, write your name/word on a piece of paper with a pencil. Add pictures or designs around your name if you like. Retrace the letters and drawings with glue. You can also outline the letters with a marker to make the words more legible, either at the beginning or end of the craft.
  4. Sprinkle colored noodles on top of glue so that all glue is covered with noodles.  Lift paper and gently shake off excess noodles into trash.

*For toddlers especially, these tasks may require adult supervision and/or assistance.

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