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Spring Bunny Candy Dishes

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It definitely feels like spring around here. When we aren’t inside doing “school” or screen time, we are most definitely outside enjoying the spring weather! And this week, we did this adorable bunny craft!

Save those empty cans for a bunny craft!

Easter is also around the corner, so we thought it fitting to make something festive. A bunny craft! We LOVE repurposing our recyclables, so we came up with an idea to make adorable bunny candy dishes out of our empty tuna cans. 

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Of course, the most important step when making this bunny craft is to properly clean out your tuna cans. We used dish soap to clean our cans and we even soaked them in soapy water for a few minutes, which seemed to do the trick.

Give kids creative AUTONOMY!

This was a very simple craft that my kids were able to do almost completely on their own. They loved picking out the color of paint for their bunny dish as well as the color of paper for their bunny’s ears. The only time I needed to get involved was when it came time to use the hot glue gun. And their favorite part was filling the cans with their candy of choice: jelly beans!


I mean, who wouldn’t love these?!

kids holding bunny dishes

While crafting, you and your kids might want to take a moment to learn some fun facts about this meal’s featured ingredient:

🍴Canned Tuna Fish🍴

canned tuna


    • Tuna canning began over 100 years ago, and canned tuna is now one of the most popular seafood products in the United States.
    • Canned tuna is low in calories and high in protein. Foods with protein serve as building blocks for our bodies (e.g., our bones, muscles, cartilage, skin and blood).
    • Tuna is also high in omega-3 fatty acids, which supports brain function. 
    • Some tuna varieties may be high in mercury, so it’s important to eat tuna fish in moderation. 


boy holding bunny dishes1Ingredient
Canned Tuna Fish

Corresponding Recipe:  Stovetop Tuna Casserole 

Skills supported: Fine motor (painting, drawing, tracing, cutting, gluing), following instructions


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SEE HOW TO MAKE our spring bunny candy dishes 


Consider setting up the craft before cooking so that your kids can get to work right away.

  1. Let’s get this bunny craft started! Remove label, clean and dry empty tuna can. Paint your tuna can. We used this Acrylic paint which worked great! Set aside to dry. painting can yellow
  2. Draw and cut out two bunny ears from construction paper. Cut out two smaller ear-shaped pieces of a different color. Glue the smaller pieces on top of the larger cutout ears.
  3. Once your painted can is dry, paint a small round circle (your bunny’s nose!) in the middle of the front of your painted can. pink nose on bunny dish
  4. Using a black permanent marker, draw your bunny’s eyes, whiskers and mouth.face on bunny dish
  5. Using your hot glue gun, glue ears to the backside of your can.*
  6. Now fill your bunny with a candy of choice!bunny dishes in grass

*For toddlers especially, these tasks may require adult supervision and/or assistance.


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