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Watermelon Yarn Craft

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We eat A LOT of watermelon during the summer. It’s our favorite summer snack and dessert. So, it seemed fitting to make this adorable watermelon craft while preparing our Watermelon Salad with Feta & Cucumber dish.

There are tons of paper plate watermelon crafts out there. To change things up, we decided to put our own spin on a paper plate watermelon by decorating it with colored yarn.

OPTIONAL: dye your own yarn for this Watermelon craft!

We wanted to use pink and green yarn but only had white yarn at home. Rather than running out to buy colored yarn, we decided to simply dye our white yarn using food coloring. This turned out to be way easier than I had anticipated. We loosely followed Laughing Hens’ article on How to Dye Wool with Food Colouring, and the results were great! Note: Between dyeing your yarn and allowing yarn to completely dry, this process adds quite a bit of time to this craft. As such, we recommend coloring your yarn a day in advance of doing your Watermelon Yarn Craft.

supples for watermelon yarn craft

practice those Fine Motor Skills!

The cool part about this activity is that it provides a great opportunity for kids to practice their fine motor skills. The weaving of the yarn over the watermelon definitely requires some dexterity and focus. This was great for my daughter, as she is working on strengthening her grip in preparation for kindergarten this fall!

Add your watermelon craft to your play food collection

We love making crafts that we can actually play with, so we were happy to add this watermelon yarn craft to our play food collection! My kids love playing make believe. They are often chefs, grocery shoppers or bakers. So, our play food gets tons and tons of traction.

watermelon yarn craft

Not only does making your own play food save money, but it also has a ton of other benefits. Making play food encourages imaginative play and helps kids learn more about the foods they are creating. To learn more about the benefits of making your own play food, check our our post DIY Play Food!

While making this watermelon craft, you and your kids might want to take a moment to learn some fun facts about this meal’s featured ingredient:

🍴 watermelon 🍴

watermelon cut in half on cutting board


    • Watermelons are 92% water! That’s why the fruit has the word “water” in its name.
    • Watermelons can be classified as fruits or vegetables. Botanically, watermelons are considered a fruit. Yet, they are like vegetables in the way they are harvested.
    • Watermelons are a good source of Vitamin C and other important nutrients.
    • China is the world’s largest producer of watermelon.
    • It is safe to eat all parts of a watermelon, but many people don’t like the taste of the rind.


child holding two paper plate watermelonFeatured Ingredient:

Corresponding Recipe: Watermelon Salad with Feta & Cucumber

Skills supported: Fine motor, (cutting, weaving, taping ), math (counting), following instructions


supples for watermelon yarn craft

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📝 instructions 📝

Consider setting up the craft before cooking so that your kids can get to work right away.

1. Cut paper plate in half. Set one half aside for later. paper plate half

2. Cut away the plate’s outer edge. This will be your watermelon’s rind.

paper plate cutouts

3. Cut several small slits around the curved edges of your paper plate cutouts. These slits will be used to weave your yarn across the paper plate pieces to decorate your watermelon’s body and its rind. Use the slits to weave your pink yarn throughout your watermelon’s body, and your green yarn throughout the watermelon’s rind. Secure the ends of your yarn to the back of your watermelon pieces with tape.

4. Assemble your watermelon. Tape or paste your watermelon’s body and rind to the half of your paper plate that you had set aside.

5. Add your watermelon’s seeds! Using a black marker or sharpie, place black dots on the pink yarn. adding seeds on watermelonchild pretending to eat watermelon craft

*For toddlers especially, these tasks may require adult supervision and/or assistance.

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