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Kids Make One Pot Easy Pea-sy Cheese Tortellini

Kids can get really into all the measuring and pouring required to make this meal’s sauce. It’s also a great opportunity to show kids how to measure out ingredients in different quantities.

And of course, my daughter loved chopping the onions using these amazing knives.

While your kids are helping out, you can also pause to discuss which FOOD GROUP each ingredient belongs to and share some fun facts about this meal’s featured ingredient: TORTELLINI.

🥣food groups1🥣


    • Fruits: none
    • Veggies: onion, garlic, tomatoes2, spinach, peas
    • Grains: tortellini
    • Protein: sausage
    • Dairy: cream, cheese

    1For information about food and health, go to ChooseMyPlate.gov.
    2Tomatoes are classified by botanists as fruit, but nutritionally and legally they are considered veggies.



      • Tortellini are ring-shaped pasta that are typically stuffed with cheese and/or meat. The pasta originated in the Italian region of Emilia. 
      • According to legend, the pasta’s shape (often likened  to a “belly button”) was originally inspired by the naval of the goddess of love, Venus.
      • Tortellini are a good source of carbohydrates, which give our body energy.

      Here are some creative ways for your kid to be your personal Sous Chef as you make our One Pot Easy Pea-sy Cheese Tortellini. Simply hover over each image for details. Make sure your little dudes wash their hands before starting!

      🍴Step 1🍴


      Kids can use a potato masher, spatula or spoon.


      We really like this amazing Curious Chef kid-friendly knife and this Potato Masher. 

      Note: This post contains affiliate links.

      🍴Step 2🍴


      Measure and Add Chicken Broth & Cream to Pot*

      Measure and add spinach and peas to pot

      Have your kids watch how fast the spinach wilts and the frozen peas cook.

      Boil the sauce

      This teaches kids to pay attention to the stovetop and see what happens to liquid when it gets that hot. Yay science!

      We always use a Pyrex Measuring Cup to measure liquid ingredients .

      🍴Step 3🍴

      SET TIMER FOR tortellini

      Grown-ups can teach kids how to use a timer for cooking.

      *Note: For toddlers especially, these tasks require adult supervision and/or assistance, as items may be sharp, hot or otherwise dangerous.

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