Kids Make One Pot Fall Pasta with Veggies & Chicken Apple Sausage

Between chopping and mixing, there are tons of ways for kids to help with our One Pot Fall Pasta with Veggies & Chicken Apple Sausage.

While your kids make this meal with you, pause to discuss which FOOD GROUP each ingredient belongs to and share some fun facts about this meal’s featured ingredient: EGGPLANT

🍆 food groups1 🍆


    • Fruits: none
    • Veggies: eggplant, zucchini, tomatoes2, onion, garlic, kale, beans3
    • Grains: pasta
    • Protein: sausage, beans3
    • Dairy: parmesan cheese

    1For information about food and health, go to

    2Tomatoes are classified by botanists as fruit, but nutritionally and legally they are considered veggies.

    3Beans are so nutritious that they’re classified as both a vegetable AND a protein.

🍆Eggplant 🍆


    • Eggplant has a glossy finish and is shaped like an elongated egg. Its color varies from purple to white and green.
    • Although eggplant is culinarily considered a vegetable, it’s actually a member of the berry family.
    • Eggplant is believed to have originated in India.
    • Eggplant is rich in fiber and low in calories. It’s tender and, when cooked, often absorbs the flavor of its surrounding sauce.

Here are some creative ways for your kid to be your personal Sous Chef as you make our One Pot Fall Pasta with Veggies & Chicken Apple Sausage. Just hover over each image for details. And make sure your little dudes wash their hands before starting!

🍴Step 1🍴

Measure and add oil to pot

Chop veggies and sausage*

Measure and add salt and pepper

Stir veggies and sausage as they cook

For chopping, our fave kids knives right now are: Opinel Knife,  Made for Me Beginner’s Knife, & Curious Chef Knife Set (pictured above).

Note: This post contains affiliate links.

🍴Step 2🍴

Measure and add broth to pot

Set timer for pasta

Grownups can take this opportunity to teach kids how to set cooking times.

Rinse beans

Fold in beans and kale

We used this 4-cup Pyrex Measuring Cup to measure/pour the broth.

*Note: For toddlers especially, these tasks require adult supervision and/or assistance, as items may be sharp, hot or otherwise dangerous. 

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