Kids Make Perfect Picnic Chicken Salad Sandwich

There is a ton of chopping, measuring and mixing for this meal, so kids can easily get involved! My kids also couldn’t stop snacking on the pumpkin seeds which made it all the more fun!

While your kids are helping out, you can also pause to discuss which FOOD GROUP each ingredient belongs to and share some fun facts about this meal’s featured ingredient: CHICKEN

๐Ÿ”food groups1๐Ÿ”


    • Fruit: grapes
    • Veggies: celery
    • Grains: bread
    • Protein: chicken, pumpkin seeds, almonds
    • Dairy: none

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    • Chickens are the most common birds on earth.
    • Female chickens are called hens and male chickens are called roosters.
    • Chickens are raised mainly for their eggs and meat.
    • A hen’s eggs can be many colors, especially white, brown, and green.
    • Chicken is high in protein and pretty low in calories.
    • Chicken is also rich in important vitamins and nutrients like B vitamins and vitamin D, which help keep our bodies healthy and strong.

Here are some creative ways for your kid to be your personal Sous Chef as you make our Perfect Picnic Chicken Salad Sandwich. Simply hover over each image for details. Make sure your little dudes wash their hands before starting!

๐ŸดChicken Salad Mixture๐Ÿด

To help out, kids can:

Chop and add chicken to bowl*

We use pre-cooked rotisserie chicken. It's fun to show kids the different parts of the chicken's body.

Rinse, dry and slice celery & grapes*

Measure all other ingredients

Mix together the chicken salad ingredients!

Have your kids taste the salad to see if it needs any adjusting ๐Ÿ˜‰ They'll love this decision-making.

We’re big fans of these Curious Chef kid-safe knives and Core Kitchen Grip Back Cutting Boards.

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*Note: For toddlers especially, these tasks require adult supervision and/or assistance, as items may be sharp, hot or otherwise dangerous.

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