Kids Make Quinoa Veggie Bowl with Romesco Sauce

Our kids were amped to help out with this homemade romesco sauce and quinoa bowl! Because of all the veggie prep and blending, there are tons of easy ways to help. 

While your kids are helping out, you can also pause to discuss which FOOD GROUP each ingredient belongs to and share some fun facts about this meal’s featured ingredient: BELL PEPPER

🍴 food groups1 🍴


    • Fruits: lemon
    • Veggies: broccoli, cucumber, carrot, garlic, red pepper, black beans2
    • Grains: quinoa3
    • Protein: almonds, black beans2
    • Dairy: none

    1For information about food and health, go to

    2Beans are so nutritious that they’re classified as both a vegetable AND a protein.

    3Quinoa is classified as a grain by the USDA, but technically it’s a seed and therefore, super high in protein.

🍴 Bell Pepper 🍴


    • Bell peppers are classified by botanists as fruit, but nutritionally and legally they are considered veggies.
    • Bell peppers are native to Central and South America
    • You can eat bell peppers cooked or raw. The peppers are usually red, yellow, green or orange. 
    • Bell peppers contain important vitamins, like vitamin A and vitamin C, and they offer a number of health benefits. 

Here are some creative ways for your kid to be your personal Sous Chef as you make our Quinoa Veggie Bowl with Romesco SauceJust hover over each image for details. And make sure your little dudes wash their hands before starting!


To make this homemade romesco sauce, kids may:

Cut and de-seed bell peppers*

Check out the kids knife below that we recommend!

Peel peppers

If peppers have cooled down enough, peel off outer skin and set aside. Kids love this one!

Measure and add oil to Vitamix/blender


Your kids will love watching everything grind up together. Stress the sharpness of the blades, though!

We can’t recommend this children’s knife enough. My 4yo loves it! And, if you can swing it, a Vitamix is going to make your sauce the best it can be.

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To prep the veggies, kids may:

Peel & chop cucumbers*

Check out our kid-safe peeler and knife recs below.

We recommend this Opinel kids peeler and Curious Chef kids knife, for sure!

*Note: For toddlers especially, these tasks require adult supervision and/or assistance, as items may be sharp, hot or otherwise dangerous. 

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