Kids Make Three Bean Salad

Kids Make Three Bean Salad

Kids can really get on board with helping make this three bean salad! All they really need is some help opening cans and instruction on how to chop different veggies. And the rest is totally doable. On top of all of that: no cooking involved!

Here are some creative ways for your kid to be your personal Sous Chef as you make our Three Bean Salad. Simply hover over each image for details. Make sure your little dudes wash their hands before starting!

🍴food groups1🍴


    • Fruit: lime juice
    • Veggies: kidney beans, garbanzo beans, black beans2, corn, red bell peppers, cucumber, shallot, avocado3
    • Grains: none
    • Protein: kidney beans, garbanzo beans, black beans2
    • Dairy: none

    1For information about food and health, go to

    2Beans are so nutritious that they’re classified as both a vegetable AND a protein.

    3Because of its seed, an avocado is considered a fruit by botanists. But the USDA considers avocados to be veggies, based on their nutrients.



      • Kidney beans are a good source of fiber and are high in protein. 
      • The beans are shaped like kidneys. Because they hold their shape when cooked, they work great in simmered dishes.
      • Kidney beans may have originated in Peru.
      • Eating raw kidney beans can be toxic. Kidney beans must be fully boiled or properly cooked before eating. More information on the toxicity of raw kidney beans can be found here

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    🍴Three Bean Salad🍴

    To help out, kids can:

    Pour contents of veggie cans into colander, and drain/rinse

    Note: adults should be the ones to open the cans.

    De-seed and chop red bell pepper*

    Chop fresh basil & cilantro*

    Use scissors or hands to remove the basil leaves from their stems. Then use kid-safe knife to chop the fresh herbs.

    Chop the peeled cucumber with a kid-safe knife*

    Note: an adult may need to do the peeling

    Mix together all the ingredients

    Encourage kids to mix as you go along (careful not to smash the beans). My daughter liked trying different mixing utensils each time.

    We’re big fans of these Curious Chef kid-safe knives. For cutting off the cilantro stems, these Kitchen Shears or any standard scissors are great (with adult supervision). 

    *Note: For toddlers especially, these tasks require adult supervision and/or assistance, as items may be sharp, hot or otherwise dangerous.

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