Child holding sign that says Bubble Guppies

Come swim and sing about the world!

There is something so powerful about learning through music. My kids learn so many phrases and expressions from the songs they hear. So, I’m thrilled when kids shows feature meaningful, educational tunes. That’s why Bubble Guppies continues to be a huge hit with our family. My son loved this show when he was in preschool. And even though he has technically “outgrown” the program, he will still sit happily and watch it with his younger sister. I really think it’s all about the show’s catchy music.


Bubble Guppies, for preschool-aged children


TV (Nick Jr.), online or download the Nick Jr. App


Bubble Guppies follows a group of preschoolers/little merpeople who live underwater, as they learn about the world through stories, music and new adventures. Each episode features a different storyline where the friends must solve a problem or find an answer to a new question about how their world works.


My kids are drawn to the colorful nature of the show and its emphasis on music. They love singing along to the familiar songs that are repeated in each episode. They also love each episode’s new and unique song related to the episode’s interesting theme.


I love the idea of learning through music. The songs the Bubble Guppies sing contain lessons within themselves. So, kids are learning without even realizing it. For example, in the episode “The Moon Rocks,” kids hear a song about how the solar system works along with some fun facts about the sun, moon and planets. I give full credit to this episode for teaching my kids the important role of the sun in our solar system.

Another great thing about Bubble Guppies is its relevant storylines. All the episodes cover topics that are interesting to preschoolers, like outer space, bumblebees and firefighters. The program also depicts characters overcoming relevant challenges or dealing with life changes, like moving to a new house or becoming an older sibling.

And finally, I love the collaborative approach the characters take by asking for viewers’ help. The characters ask open-ended questions, and my kids love shouting out the answers. Even more, the characters offer positive reinforcement, which really builds the young audience’s confidence. -Marcie

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