Sign of Pinkalicious and Peterrific

Get your Creativity on!

We’ve been on a bit of an art kick recently at home. In particular, my kids have been very fascinated by rainbows and making sure all their drawings include as many colors of the rainbow as possible. Right now they seem to be drawn to all that is bright, shiny and sparkly. That’s why we were drawn to PBS Kids’ new colorful series, Pinkalicious & Peterrific. Here’s the scoop on the show and why it’s one of our top picks.

The Show:

Pinkalicious & Peterrific, for preschool-aged children

Where We Watch:

TV (local PBS channel), online or download the free PBS KIDS Video App

The Gist:

The show is based on Victoria Kann’s Pinkalicious book series and follows the adventures of Pinkalicious and her younger brother, Peter.  Pinkalicious has a vivid imagination. She takes a creative approach to imaginative play and problem-solving with music, dance and a love for all things pink and bright.

Why My Kids Like It:

Undoubtedly my kids were first attracted to the show for its colorful look and feel. My daughter is very passionate about imaginative play, so I think she has also connected with Pinkalicious’ creative outlook. My son seems more intrigued by the problems the characters face in each episode. He often shouts out warnings to the characters when he sees that they are heading for a bad decision. He sometimes even shares what he might do differently if he were in that situation himself.

Why I Like It:

I love that this show emulates and values self- expression. Pinkalicious is not afraid to express herself and her passions (like her love for the color pink!). In fact, she uses her passion for the arts to create new adventures and take on new challenges with her brother and friends. Although she makes mistakes, she is always working to make things right and often comes up with a “colorful” solution.

I also think it’s fascinating how Pinkalicious’ creativity comes through in the show’s aesthetics.  The artistic undertones of the animation and storylines themselves support the imaginative nature of the program. It’s quite impressive.

Overall, this is a very sweet and tasteful show that I’d recommend checking out. —Marcie

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