Sign of Doc McStuffins

Learn Empathy with this Kid Doc

My husband is a medical resident, and my children often wonder why daddy works so many hours “helping” people. I was so thrilled to find a show that models caring for others and the gratification that comes with putting others’ needs first. Here is the scoop on the show and why it’s one of our top picks.

The Show:

Doc McStuffins, for preschool-aged children

Where We Watch:

TV (Disney Channel), online or download the DisneyNOW App

The Gist:

Dottie McStuffins, (a.k.a. “Doc,”)  is a 7-year old girl who loves to take care of her toys. When Doc puts on her stethoscope, her toys magically come to life, and she gets to work taking care of her “patients.” The show models problem-solving skills and teamwork as Doc works with her animal friends to overcome obstacles and resolve her toys’ ailments.

Why My Kids Like It:

My three-year old loves the show’s theme songs and shares Doc’s enthusiasm for giving check-ups and imaginative play. My five-year old is fascinated by the emergencies depicted in the episodes and likes to discuss how we would handle real medical emergencies in our own lives.

Why I like It:

I love that this program depicts females in medicine. Doc’s mother is a doctor and it’s clear that Doc aspires to follow in her footsteps. Doc is also African American and I appreciate the show’s emphasis on empowering minority women and girls to pursue their ambitions. As kids growing up, we definitely didn’t have role models like this on TV.

The characters model teamwork and problem-solving, and they are constantly learning from their mistakes. Doc’s altruistic attitude when it comes to taking care of others also makes her an exemplary role model for a young audience, and I love that!

On a more personal note, the show’s emphasis on doctors and check-ups has really eased my children’s concerns around visiting the doctor. In fact, when my daughter fell and split her chin open, she was almost excited to go to Urgent Care and see a doctor for this “real-life” emergency. —Marcie

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