Plate in 28 helps grown-ups get food on the table with 28 minute recipes & activities to occupy the kids. We present recipes spanning different cuisines and tastes, but they’re all simple to make.¬†Alongside each recipe, you will also find¬†some simple tips to “kidify” each meal to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters.¬†

At Plate in 28, we pair each recipe with¬†3 activity options¬†for kids¬†to do while the adults cook. Because one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to kids and not all households are the same, we present very different activities for each recipe. You’ll find that we gear our activities and tips towards mostly¬†toddler or young school-aged children.¬†Many of these activities include interesting nutrition facts for grown-ups to share with kids.¬†

We come at this honestly, as two moms who have struggled with getting meals on the table every night (and still do!). We test out these recipes and kid activities, and let you know what gives us bragging rights and what totally failed [see our Blog section]. The goal isn’t to churn us parents into five-star chefs, but to provide practical, healthy recipes that make cooking for the family less daunting. Easy recipes and minimal kid interference. Enjoy!   

‚ÄĒMarcie & Julie


Invite kids to help cook

Maybe your kid doesn’t want to leave your side or just loves to help out in the kitchen. We suggest ways your child can assist you while cooking our recipes.¬†According to the American Institute for Cancer Research, cooking with your kids has some real educational benefits,¬†like boosting self-esteem and fostering healthy eating habits.

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Offer a craft that relates to the meal

For more independent kids or kids who like to focus on a project, we suggest creative, hands-on¬†activities for them to do while you cook. Each craft ties into a recipe’s main ingredient.¬†

The goal is not for the grown-ups to buy a bunch of supplies and hover over their kids while trying to cook. We want to keep it simple and for kids to be independently engaged, with the exception of really little ones who might need some assistance.

Note: Even the simplest crafts require some setup; so, we recommend offering these crafts on nights when you’re not as strapped for time.

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tv Time

 Turn on a high-quality program

We personally believe that high-quality programming can have educational benefits when used responsibly.¬†And there is research in support of these benefits.¬†The key is to carefully choose the programs your kids watch, monitor what they are watching, and engage with them on the topics they‚Äôve learned.¬† We suggest various programs for your kids to watch, evaluating the educational content of these shows (so you don‚Äôt have to!). And….we all need downtime. So, why not let your kids have it while you cook dinner?!

A note about¬†screen time: Keep in mind that we¬†should limit how much our kids watch. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children younger than 18 months avoid TV altogether, and that children ages 2-5 limit their screen use to 1 hour (or less) per day. In our opinion, meal-prep can the perfect time to utilize your kids’ screen time!¬†

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