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piggy bank with cow theme

DIY Piggy Banks with Tissue Boxes

Store your money in these adorable DIY piggy banks! Who knew it was so easy to transform a tissue box into a sweet animal coin bank!
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Servings 1 DIY piggy bank
Cost 2



  • Cover tissue box with construction paper. Trace and cut out the outline of the top of your tissue box. Next, trace and cut out the outline of all four of the box's sides (note: all sides are the same size). Glue each cutout to its respective surface. Note: We recommend using pink construction paper for a pig and white construction paper for a cow.
  • Decorate your piggy bank's face! Use construction paper to add the following features to your piggy bank:
    Ears- Cut out two triangles from construction paper (pink for a pig and white and/or pink for a cow!). Bend back the bottom edges slightly and use glue to fasten the triangles to the top off the box on the edges closest to the face.
    Snout- Cut out and paste an oval shape from pink construction paper to the middle of the fronts side of your piggy bank. Add two small black circles for the nostril. Optional: Draw a smile right below the snout!
    Eyes- Draw or glue/tape two small black dots above the snout.
    Spots (for cow)- Cut wavy black spots to glue/tape to your cow's face!
    Tail (for pig)- Cut a tail shape out of pink paper and twist the tail around a pen/pencil to get a good spiral. Then, simply glue it to the backside of the box.
  • Make a Coin Drop: To create the coin drop, use a pencil to gently punch in and form a small line.



  • Remember the top of the tissue box is different than its four sizes, so measure and cut construction paper accordingly.
  • If you only have white paper, you can color it as needed for the facial features.
  • We recommend using a pencil to gently make the coin drop hole.
  • Display your piggy banks in your kids' rooms, the kitchen or anywhere you typically set down change. This piggy bank craft also makes a great gift for loved ones.