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crayon art hearts in a circle

🖍 Melting Crayons into Shapes

Looking for a low stress, satisfying craft? Melting crayons into new shapes might be the easiest art activity ever, with a seriously impressive end result! FYI - This craft takes around 28 mins, from start to a finished bake, not including the freeze time.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 8 minutes
Oven Time 15 minutes
Total Time 28 minutes


  • oven
  • freezer



  • Set oven for 350° F. Fill large bowl with very warm water. Submerge crayons in bowl and let soak for 5 mins.
  • Remove a crayon from water, slide off the paper wrapping, and break into small pieces with your hands. Repeat until all crayons are done.
  • Fill the mold cavities with crayon pieces, overfilling as much as possible. You pick the colors!
  • Place mold on baking sheet and bake for ~15 mins. Take a peak - if you still see chunks of unmelted crayons, the molds aren't done yet.
  • Remove from oven and place directly in freezer. OR let mold sit out until slightly solidified, and then move to freezer. Freeze for ~10 mins.



🖍 Oven temp - we melted our crayons at 350°, but you can go as low as 200°. Just find out what heat level your mold can handle beforehand.
🖍 Bake time - a larger mold with deeper cavities will need more time, and a smaller mold will need less time. Start with 10 mins and add more time as needed. If you still see chunks of unmelted crayon in the molds, they're not done yet.
🖍 Don't skip the soaking step! It makes the crayon wrappers just slide right off.
🖍 Try to break each crayon while it's still warm, after you remove from water. The warmer they are, the easier they are to break. 
🖍 Not necessary, but it's helpful to have a hand towel to dry off the crayons.
🖍 Definitely overfill the mold cavities! The crayons melt down a lot, so heap on more than you think you need.
🖍 Put the mold on top of a baking sheet to stabilize it. 
🖍 Freezing options - when the molds are done, either (1) transfer directly to freezer (on top of a pot holder). OR (2) let mold sit out until slightly solidified and then transfer the mold to freezer without baking sheet. 
🖍 Don't freeze mold too long. It makes it hard to pop your crayon art out of the mold. The mold is usually ready when it's no longer warm to the touch.