Adorable Cork Bee Craft

Celebrate summer with this adorable Cork Bee Craft! This recyclable craft is so simple and is a great way to repurpose those wine corks! 

How to Make this Bee Craft with Cork


– Wine cork(s) – Black construction paper  – Yellow acrylic paint – Paint brushes – Black Sharpie  – String – Scissors – Hot glue gun

Make the Honeybee's body

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Paint wine corks with yellow acrylic paint. 

Let corks dry completely.

Use a black Sharpie to draw 3-6 black lines around the body of the cork.

Add bee's face and antennae

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Use Sharpie to draw eyes, a nose and mouth on the flat base of the cork.

Cut out two thin strips of black paper for the honeybees antennae.

Glue strips above the honeybee's face.

Add bee's wings

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Cut out two small pieces of white string.

Fold each piece of string in half and glue ends together and to each side of  honeybee..

Turn craft into a honeybee mobile, simply glue your honeybees to long pieces of string and fasten them to a popsicle stick.


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