Handprint Corn Craft

Capture your kids' age and size with this adorable Handprint Corn craft. Simple supplies, minimal mess but so much cuteness!

Perfect Fall Craft!

How to make this handprint corn craft



– Paper (green and yellow) – Pen/pencil – Scissors – Glue or tape – Adhesive magnets (optional)

Trace and cut out one handprint on yellow paper.

Rounded Banner With Dots


Trace and cut out two footprints on green paper.

Rounded Banner With Dots


Cross one heel over the other and glue on top of the bottom of  handprint. – 

Rounded Banner With Dots


Draw vertical and horizontal lines on  handprint to form your corn kernels. Label as desired!

Rounded Banner With Dots


Turn your corn craft into a fridge magnet by adding a small adhesive magnet to the back of your finished product! 

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