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DIY Play Food!


We love making crafts that we can actually play with. Over the past several months, we have come up with quite a collection of play food. My kids love playing make believe. They are often chefs, grocery shoppers or bakers, so our play food gets tons and tons of traction.

Check our our collection of fun, DIY play food!

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Benefits of Play Food

In our opinion, there are tons of benefits to making your own pretend food:

  1. Encourages imaginative play. After crafting, my kids are usually eager to play with their creations right away. I love listening to them play together in such a creative way. This comes in handy especially when I’m cooking dinner, because it gives me some extra time to get dinner on the table. dolls with play food asparagus
  2. Increases the odds that kids will try new foods. We usually create a pretend version of the main ingredient from our meal (like our Play Food Carrots). This allows the kids to make a connection between what they’re making and what they’re eating. When my kids understand that the ingredients going into our meal aren’t so scary or gross, they are usually more likely eat the meal.child gnawing on carrot
  3. Helps kids learn about the foods they are creating. When making our play food, we usually discuss some fun facts about the foods we are designing, like their origin and nutritional benefits. These discussions often spark more questions and curiosity about how foods are produced and harvested.child holding bell peppers and tomato
  4. Supports developmental skills and builds confidence. Many of our crafts enable our kids to practice their developing skills, like fine motor skills (e.g., cutting, gluing) and math (e.g., counting, measuring). And they feel proud when they use these skills to build something that they can actually play with. Child cutting yellow tissue paper for play food tortellini
  5. Saves money! Why buy play food when you can make it yourself?! Our crafts typically require supplies that many people already have laying around the house (e.g., paper, glue, paint). We try to keep it simple!supplies for pop-out play food peppers

Happy playing! 

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