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Learn to Read & Explore the Words in Your World!

Now that my first-grader can read, he wants to read every street sign, bumper sticker, and label he comes across. His curiosity and persistence amazes me! So, naturally, my preschooler (who can’t yet read) wants to try and do the same. And she does her best to identify and sound out the letters she observes. What’s amazing is how developing literacy skills truly empowers and motivates little ones to better understand the world around them.

It’s no surprise that my kids have been enjoying PBS’s program, WordWorld, which depicts a colorful world made of letters and words! Here’s the scoop on the show and why it’s one of our top picks.

The Show:

WordWorld, for preschool-aged kids

Where We Watch:

TV (local PBS channel), online or download the free PBS KIDS Video App.

The Gist:

This adorable show helps kids learn to read! It features a group of animals that live in a world made of letters. In each episode, these WordFriends must choose and build a word to solve a particular problem. They string together the correct letters and sounds to form the word. And once the word is formed, it comes alive and saves the day!

Why My Kids Like It:

WordWorld is extremely colorful and full of engaging and amusing storylines. Although my older son enjoys watching the show with his sister, the program is most suited for preschoolers. My daughter welcomes the challenge of identifying and sounding out letters along with the characters. She enjoys the catchy “Build a Word” song and shouts out her ideas for solving problems. She is especially fond of the show’s characters (who all have their own unique personality), including Duck’s silly behaviors and Pig’s constant desire for treats!

Why I Like It:

WordWorld supports literacy development in an extremely creative way–with music, humor and lots of colorful letters! In WordWorld, all things are formed by the letters that spell out the objects they represent, including the characters themselves! The WordFriends work to identify, sound out and string together letters to form words, and they have fun in the process. 

Not only does this show help little ones learn to read, but it also teaches kids to value the meaning of words. The words the characters form serve as the solution to each episode’s challenge or predicament. What an awesome way to support reading comprehension and promote a love for words!

We hope you’ll check out this show with your preschoolers!  -Marcie

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